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Fasten Films is a film and television production company, based in Barcelona, created to tell stories that matter and inspire. Stories told by talent with a unique look and characters that remain in the memory of viewers. Its productions include “Mediterráneo” (Marcel Barrena, 2021, Spain-Greece with its premiere in San Sebastian and winner of several Goya, Gaudí, Feroz and Forqué awards); “Entre la vie et la mort” (Giordano Gederlini, 2022, Spain-Belgium-France starring Antonio de la Torre); “Centauro” (Daniel Calparsoro, 2022, a Netflix original thriller); the non-fiction series “Nisman: The Prosecutor, the President and the Spy,” (by Emmy winner Justin Webster, filmed between the U.S., Canada and the United States. USA, Argentina and Spain); “La Voluntaria” (Nely Reguera, 2022, Spain-Greece starring Carmen Machi and with its national premiere in Malaga) and “O Corpo Aberto” (Ángeles Huerta, 2022, with its national premiere at Seminci and its triumph at the XXI Mestre Mateo awards where it has won up to 12 awards, including: best direction, best feature film and best leading male performance, among others).


Adrià Monés

CEO / Producer
Adrià Monés, is the mangaging producer and director of Fasten Films. He has produced over 20 films shown at festivals such as San Sebastián, Miami and Malaga. Monés has a degree in Economics from the Pompeu Fabra and Sorbonne Universities, and has a Masters in Business Management from Media Business School. He also attended EAVE in 2018.

In 2018, he set up his own production company, Fasten Films, with the idea of creating local content for international markets. As of 2022, Fasten Films has produced 10 films, has obtained over 12 million euros in public and private funding, and has managed over 20 million euros in budgets. Fasten’s films have been nominated for awards such as the Goyas (best film for Mediterráneo, among others), as well as for Gaudí, Forqué and Feroz awards. His productions are available on streaming platforms such as Netfilix and Movistar+ and have been sold to international markets. Prior to Fasten Films, Adrià was Executive Producer and Director of Co-Productions at Filmax, producing titles such as the "Rec" saga, the highest grossing Spanish horror franchise to date, "Summer Camp" a co-production with LionsGate; or Jaume Balagueró's "Muse", a multilateral co-production (Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain) with a budget of over six million euros.

Monés also worked as Acquisitions and Co-productions manager for Sogecable / Canal +, acquiring rights to successful international shows such as “House” and “Lost” for Digital +, Canal + and Cuatro.

He is a member of the European Producer's Club, Proficció and the Catalan and Spanish Film Academy. He also teaches film production and financing at ESCAC, UPF and Ramon Llull University.

Blanca Heredia

Financial Director
With a degree in Economic Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University, Blanca Heredia brings over 18 years of solid professional experience to the auditing, control and finance aspects of Fasten. She began her profesional career at Deloitte, where she worked with clients such as General Motors, Nissan, Grupo Quiron and Abertis. Since then, she’s been linked to high-profile national and multinational companies (Hotusa, Grupo Razzmatazz, Grupo Julia), where she has directed teams and projects in various countries and multicultural environments.

Blanca has also had the chance to lead both professional projects in both private and public sectors including the United Nations. As a member of the Fasten team, Blanca is a leader in management, forecasting and financial analysis. Excellence, rigor and having solid profesional values can best define her.

Albert Morera

Line producer
Albert Morera has extensive experience as Production Manager in feature films and series with titles such as "El CID: la serie", for Amazon Prime Video, "Terminator: Dark Fate", "Gavilanes" or "La Catedral del Mar", among others.
He joined Fasten Films in 2020 and has so far directed the production of "Entre la vie et la mort", "O Corpo Aberto", "La Voluntaria", "Maret" and "La Imatge Permanent".
During the first decade of the 2000s, working with the production company Drimtim Entertainment, he produced several action TV movies for the international market, including the miniseries "Ben-Hur", shot in Morocco and co-produced with Muse Entertainment and Antena 3 Television.
He began his professional career in the early years of TV3, working on series such as "13x13", the first sitcom in Catalonia to be recorded with a live audience, or "Tres Estrelles" by El Tricicle. He collaborated with the most important Catalan production companies of the 90's, such as Ovideo TV, Cromosoma, Gestmusic or Diagonal TV; with whom he produced several TV series and miniseries such as "Orden Especial", "Pol Nord" or "Mirall Trencat". During this period he combined the production of audiovisual content with the production of shows and events such as the 1992 Olympic Games.

Ariadna Rodríguez

Executive Producer
Ariadna holds a degree in International Business & Economics from Pompeu Fabra University and the University of Sydney. He began his professional career in Venture Capital, in the field of financial consulting, where he contributed to acquiring financing for projects in the audiovisual industry such as Film Market Hub, a well-known online marketplace for films and series. Later on, he attended several courses on Distribution and Cinema Finance at the University of Feeds (UK) and the UK Distributors Association.
She started at Fasten Films in 2020, as assistant financial director and executive producer, being involved in projects such as "The Path" by Tobias Wiemman (2021), a Spain-Germany co-production for Warner Bros, "Mediterráneo", by Marcel Barrena, a Spain-Greece co-production, "Maret" by Laura Schroeder (2021), a Germany-Luxembourg co-production, Daniel Calparsoro's "Centauro" (2022), for Netflix, Nely Reguera's "La Voluntaria" (2022), a Spain-Greece co-production and Geordano Gerderlini's "Entre la vie et la mort" (2022), a Spain-France-Belgium co-production, with Noodles productions and Frakas productions.
She is currently Executive Producer of "La Imatge Permanent", Laura Ferrés' Opera Prima (post-production) and the documentary short film "La Casa Oberta" directed by Julieta Lasarte, among other projects in development.

Claudia Romero

Business Affairs
After graduating from the Ramon Llul University with a Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Claudia’s career in the audiovisual industry began in distribution, specialising in premieres and European and Indie films in Spain.
Between 2015 and 2021, she worked for Freeway Entertainment, a multinational company offering administrative, financial and legal services to producers, sales agents, distributors, banks and financial entities tied to the entertainment industry.
In 2021 he completed the Financial Controller course at ESCAC and since then he has participated in several projects in the management team as cash controller ("La Pulga y el Elefante" and "Hermana Muerte" both for Netflix) and as controller in "La Imatge Permanent" production of Fasten Films.

María Carla del Río Betancourt

Executive Producer
Cuban producer, member of EAVE, graduated in production at the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños EICTV. She collaborates with film training spaces such as BrLab, Brazil; the Centro Iberoamericano de Estudios de Foto y Cine CIBEF, Mexico; Nuevas Miradas EICTV, the only international laboratory in Cuba for films in development, where she worked since 2014, being executive director between 2017 and 2019. In 2018 he received the Best Production award given by the Muestra Joven del Instituto de Cine de Cuba, for the feature film "La música de las esferas". He participated in Berlinale Talents (2015, 2017) and Talents Guadalajara (2015). She was one of the emerging Latin American producers invited by the CNC of France to the eighth edition of the Producer Network of the Cannes Film Festival. In 2015 he participated in the Emerging Leaders of Latin-America Program at Concordia University, Montreal.

Laia Filella

Executive Production Assistant
With a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and a Masters in Communication from the UPF-Barcelona School of Management, she has extensive experience in production coordination and is one of the latest additions to Fasten Films' Executive Production department. Laia began her professional career in the production of advertising, shows and events and then moved exclusively into fiction. His recent film projects include his work in the production department of "Palomino" for Palma Pictures-Left Blank Pictures, "Vampire Academy" for Calle Cruzada-NBC-Universal, "Fanático" for Corte y Confección de Películas-Netflix and "A Perfect Enemy" for Sábado Películas-Filmin.

María Pia Dati

Production Coordinator
With a Masters in Executive Audiovisual Production from the University of La Coruña and a Degree in Media and Entertainment Management from the University of of Argentina de la Empresa, María began her career at Warner Bros-Discovery, managing entertainment platforms such as Warner Channel and Cartoon Network, taking on live projects such as the Academy Awards ceremony and entertainment shows like “Bake Off”. Since 2020, she’s been working in several fiction projects in the Production department, and began her career at Fasten Films in 2022 with the feature film Wake Up.

Nacho Hormaechea

Graphic Designer
After completing a Fine Art degree with a major in painting from the University of Salamanca, Nacho moved to Barcelona to continue his studies at BAU, a University Campus for Design, where he completed his Masters in Branding and Packaging Design and simultaneously completed an internship at Fasten Films On finishing his Masters, he joined the team full time as an in-house graphic designer. As an integral part of the production company, he deals with the design, communication and corporate image and is involved in the creative development of different stages of the project production.

Arual Suárez

Administration & Office Manager
Ignasi and a degree in Gender Studies from the Autonomolus University of Barcelona, she bedgan her professional career and 25 TV and Gestmusic, ands later worked at MediaPro and Inicia Films as a production assistant. Since 2019 she has worked on various Fasten Films productions such as “Uno para todos”, “La voluntaria” y “O corpo aberto”.

Paula Peña

Unit Manager
Paula Peña has been trained as an audiovisual producer, radio and shows in the school of Mitjans Audiovisuals de Barcelona EMAV. Subsequently, she studied a degree in film directing and screenwriting at the Barcelona Film School Bande à Part.
She has worked in all aspects of production, from television to events, and finally settled on fiction film and television production. She’s worked on productions for Distinto Films (“6 dies corrents”, “Suc de Sindria”) Inicia Films (“Unicornios”), Lastor Media (“Suro”), ESPotlight Media & Legendary Entertainment (“Tú también lo harías”), Brutal Media (“Bienvenidos a Edén”) Minoría Absoluta and Filmax, among others.
She recently joined the Fasten Films team as a production manager, having managed the production of “La Imatge Permanent”, one of the company’s most recent productions.
1. To attach, associate, or connect. To fasten a team.
2. To take a firm hold. To fasten on an idea.
3. To focus attention;concentrate. Their gaze fasten on the film.
4. To enclose securely, as a person or an animal. To fasten a producer in a cage.
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